Turning 50 and Totally Natural

Aliya Trinity, CEO and Founder of Alywillow

This photo is me, raw and natural on my 50th birthday. No makeup and no editing.

Yes, there is a hint of Alywillow Redmoon Lipstick, but that’s all I usually wear (and this quick photo was taken after I ate a meal). If you know me, you know I love to be outside (in almost any weather) but, my skin is naturally dry and dry skin ages fast! Great genetics and flawless skin were not things I inherited, and after half a century on this planet there should be significant aging on my face and skin. However, I made one decision as a young adult that would affect my skin and life for the better, eventually bringing about the creation of Alywillow.

In my early adulthood I suffered from dry, flaky, acne prone skin and there were areas on my cheeks that I referred to as dead zones (because I could not even feel them). I never really paid attention to anti-aging ‘gimmicks’ and I was not concerned with being healthy as much as I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t poisoning myself with synthetic chemicals every time I did something – like eat, wash, or moisturize.

In my early 20’s, I searched everywhere for truly natural products and couldn’t find them. I thought to myself, “If my ancestors could live with only plants and minerals, so can I”. That was one of the most powerful commitments I have ever made as it was the beginning of my quest to make products completely from plants and minerals.

Much to my surprise, it was also the beginning of my beautiful, healthy skin.

This one decision, to live more like my Native American ancestors, brought decades of research and learning… and eventually, the birthing of Alywillow. The beautiful side effect of Alywillow products is clear skin, but we do so much more than that! (Learning how to use the plants would also help me learn to walk again after a devastating back injury.)

It seemed as if my skin was getting better over time…

In my early 40’s, I started using two of the most powerful anti-aging products I’ve ever made… WARRIOR and PHOENIX… I made them to fight cancer, but WOW! I noticed an incredible improvement in my skin. the first week! I could easily see a difference in my skin up to 6 feet away while looking in a mirror (and my vision is not perfect).

My skin also had a fresh, young glow (and I had never had that before, even in my youth)!

In my mid-40’s, I opened four stores in Raleigh, NC and my happy customers were begging for an eye cream. The truth is that I did not really care about anti-aging stuff as I was too busy helping people reduce the symptoms of many chronic conditions – like eczema, staph infections, pain, and headaches. I felt that focusing on anti-aging products was a waste of my time when there were more important things to do. So, I put it off, over and over.

Then, one of my customers expressed her sensitive eye issues and how she really ‘needed’ an eye cream with no synthetics… and I finally listened. I decided to focus on creating the most nutritious and safest blend of plants for the eye region – to make it healthier.

FEATHERAY was intended to be just an eye cream, but it has turned out to be so much more!

After just a few months my customers were telling me how they were using Featheray on their entire face (and necks) and seeing shocking improvements. One lady even claimed her ‘turkey neck’ went away and she boy was she excited!

So, I realized I should try Featheray on my entire face.

Let me tell you, this stuff is like the powerhouse, supercharged, grail of anti-aging magic! 

You might even say a ‘miracle’! Yet, at the same time it is also one of our most gentle products (and it is one of the best products we have for those who suffer with rosacea).

You can bet I use Featheray EVERYDAY on my face. It is freaking fantastic! My skin looks young and healthy. Of course, after years of connecting to nature I have come to realize it is really all about nutrition! In making the choice to live more like my ancestors and avoid the synthetic ingredients, I was pumping nutrition into my body.

When you put Featheray (or any of the other Alywillow products) on your skin, your skin (and sometimes your entire body) absorbs those nutrients. The more useful the nutrients – the more you notice a difference in your body. 

We have an entire line of products that help reduce aging. Do you know if you need Preventative or Restorative products?

It is the skin’s ability to absorb the plants that enables us to calm your emotions and relax your body with Island Rain. This is how we energize your body with Firefly. This is why Dragonfly helps reduce blood pressure and Warrior can fight all forms of herpes.

Yes! Even genital herpes! It is about the nutrition of the plants being absorbed into your body – THROUGH YOUR SKIN!

I also think this easy absorption pathway through our skin and into our bodies is one of the reasons why so many people suffer from a plethora of conditions, including tumors and cancer. Too many products on the market are loaded with harmful ingredients that can negatively affect you – just as Alywillow can positively affect you.

I did not realize when I started this journey that being natural was also going to be BEAUTIFUL!

It is incredible what washing and moisturizing with Alywillow on a regular basis can do for your body and your skin. It is not just about anti-aging. It is about confidence, happiness, and peace of mind.

Now, I agree that it takes much more than just Alywillow to have a wonderful life, so I would like to share some daily things I do to improve my life…

  • Water is essential for a good day! Every morning start by drinking a glass of water. It will help you think better, it helps every cell in your body function better, and of course you will start to see how even your skin looks better.
  • Movement is life. Stillness is Death. This is a phrase I created when I broke my back. Back then, I stopped moving because everything hurt. That was the worst thing I could have done! I loss movement in many of my joints and had to work hard in physical therapy to get those back. Keep moving (not too much sitting or resting). Movement is important for continued use of our joints, strength of our muscles, and overall good circulatory system.
  • Stretching is more important than intense exercise. Stretching insures continued movement in your joints and muscles.
  • Good Friends and Good Family. Make sure the people you support in life also support you and do not let people stay in your life if they work against you – even if they are your family.
  • Walk barefoot on the Earth. This planet is our natural habitat – not the interior or our homes and offices. Walking without rubber soles on the Earth lets you connect to the flow of energy better, less pain, and helps reduce allergies while reducing your stress levels. This is ancient Native American wisdom, but if it sounds too weird for you, then watch this 2 minute video clip that will help explain the science for you.
  • Do not drink alcohol when you are upset (sad, depressed, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed). Instead, look for ways to reduce stress by doing things that make you feel better…. like painting, writing, or playing outside. (Yes, I said “playing”. It is important adults remember to play.)
  • Reduce or eliminate caffeine and sugar. Do not deny your desires, but do not be too extreme. Moderation is your goal.
  • Make a list of things to do tomorrow… When you do this before betimes, it will help calm your mind so you can sleep better.
  • And go to bed early. This lets you wake up refresh and feeling great so you can start your new day off right!

Reducing the signs of aging can seem superficial to some, but did you know your skin thins as you get older? This causes tremendous pain as it tears easily. Alywillow’s Level 4 and Level 5 moisturizers can feed your skin nutrition, helping it stay supple and healthy for longer. That means you enjoy life more.

Alywillow does so much more than slow down the signs of aging. We have formulas to help people suffering from chronic conditions – shingles, acne, insomnia, and so much more. It can be an incredible experience to hear of someone’s life changing just from using our products. We work hard to keep the cost low too – this way everyone can enjoy them.

Just read some of our reviews to see the power of Alywillow. I know I would have a hard time walking if I were not able to use Minty Relief every day. We might be able to improve your life too! I have a great team that is ready to answer any question you might have.

Since the sheer volume of our products can be a little overwhelming, my team offers private consultations to help you find the best items for you.

I am extremely grateful I made the commitment to the plants and minerals 30 years ago because it has been a joy to see all the people we are able to help everyday. I am looking forward to many more decades of great fun exploring this beautiful planet and sharing the journey with you. And, I am planning for another 50 years or more!

Blessings on your incredible journey! I hope you are able to enjoy Alywillow as much as I have.

Aliya Trinity

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