School Bus Initiative

The focus of our last quarter has been working with local groups to improve bus networks. We believe that it is vital to provide transportation options for children living in rural areas. Thanks to our donors we were able to fund 50 buses and 200 cars that transport children to schools all around the globe.

Prevent Maskne with Alywillow

Wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time can irritate your skin, causing breakouts. There’s even a new term for it – ‘maskne’  (sounds like acne). Additionally, the warm moist environment inside your mask can support the growth of fungi (and no one wants an itchy face or a rash all over it). Since wearing a mask is now the standard, I’d like to share with you some ways to take care of your skin. 

Alywillow can help relieve Maskne and keep your skin clear!

  • Wash your face with one of our moisturizing vegan cleansers – we recommend Warrior, Lemon Laughs, Sagerow or Firefly. Choose from our Bar Cleansers or Upside-Down Liquid Cleansers.
  • Spray your face and your mask (when you take it off) with Disinfect Now. This helps prevent the buildup of fungi in your mask and helps reduce viruses and bacteria. Disinfect Now is alcohol-free, gentle on your skin and is safe to inhale.
  • Easily refill your bottle of Disinfect Now with our FORTIFY Plant Serum

Reviewing some basics…

  • Your body needs about 8 ounces of water every 3 hours (while you are awake) and fresh fruits and vegetables, so try to cut back on your high-fat foods, processed foods, and snacking.
  • Try to get at least 20 minutes of sunlight every day.
  • Read here for 10 STEPS TO HEALTHY SKIN.

We are here to help

Contact us if you would like to speak with one of our team members, or reserve a time for a FREE Skin Consultation.

It is our wish here at Alywillow to make life a little better for everyone we meet. You are important to us and we look forward to hearing from you. In fact, every time I hire a new Alywillow team member, I look for people with a caring heart. People who want to make a difference and help other people. It’s our motivation. ❤

Listen to the wisdom of our ancestors.

One of the most important understandings in the Native American culture is the wisdom of our elders. Considering this time of great stress and change, we should all listen a little more to our loving Grandmothers… 

My grandmother once gave me a tip:
In difficult times, you move forward in small steps.
Do what you have to do, but little by little.
Don’t think about the future, or what may happen tomorrow.
Wash the dishes.
Remove the dust.
Write a letter.
Make a soup.
You see?
You are advancing step by step.
Take a step and stop.
Rest a little.
Praise yourself.
Take another step.
Then another.
You won’t notice, but your steps will grow more and more.
And the time will come when you can think about the future without crying.

– Elena Mikhalkova

Conquering Summer Mosquitoes

My kids and I have often referred to ourselves as “mosquito candy”, because those little pesky critters seem to single us out of a crowd and attack us more than anyone else –  but now, I have learned how to safely STOP them!

Since my lifelong goal has been to reduce our exposure to artificial chemicals, making an effective bug spray (from pure plants) was essential for our survival in the South! 

Using the wisdom taught to me by my Native American ancestors and about 3 decades of experience working with plants, I created Alywillow’s Native Shield Mosquito Repellent with the intention of safely protecting myself and my loved ones from mosquitoes. Now, you can enjoy it too! 

It’s so easy to use!  Put it on an existing bite to reduce the itch, swelling, and scarring. Best yet, apply it before going outside so you get preventative protection.

Prevents the bites,

reduces the itch,

lessens the swelling,

 & stops the scarring

For many of us, Summer in the South can be a mosquito nightmare!  I used to hate those mosquitoes so much that I would avoid going outside in the summer. If I did get a bite, it would last for weeks and leave scars. My legs looked polka-dotted for years! LOL!

Now, I love to go outside – even during the worst part of mosquito season. I know that if I get a mosquito bite, applying Native Shield will stop all the irritation, swelling, and scarring. If I apply Native Shield before I go outside, I won’t get a bite at all.

Native Shield is an all-natural, DEET-free alternative to conventional bug spray and EVERY SINGLE ingredient is a plant. It is so safe you can INHALE IT!  

But, what’s so important about it being DEET-free? 

Let’s chat just a moment about that…

Native Shield vs Conventional Bug Spray

Of course, just because something is popular and widely used does not necessarily mean that it is safe. It is well known that DEET is toxic to the central nervous system and could cause seizures and death. The National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), states that DEET can cause irritation, rashes and swelling.   Native Shield, on the other hand, is so safe you can apply it without holding your breath. Actually, you can inhale it with no harmful side effects. It is soothing to your skin even when you have acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and fungal issues. Native Shield is safe for everyone to use – even babies and pregnant women!

Naturally Scentless (after just a few minutes)

Of course, Alywillow products are made without any synthetic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colors. This means the scent you smell from our products are just the natural scents of those plants we use to make those products. At first, Native Shield will have a VERY STRONG scent (mostly of witch hazel and apple cider vinegar). Don’t worry! Even when you cover your body from head to toe, the scent fades away in just 2-3 minutes. Then, it is scentless! 

TWO easy ways to use Native Shield

  1. BEFORE YOU GO OUTSIDE:  Shake well, spray into your cupped hand and rub onto your skin before going outdoors. You can also mist onto your hair and clothes to create a protective barrier.
  2. AFTER THE BITE:  Even if you forget to apply it, it can relieve the irritation of the bite AFTER it happens. Just shake, spray into your cupped hand, and rub into the bug bites. This can reduce itching (in a few minutes), reduce the redness, reduce the swelling, and prevent scarring.

Chiggers, House flies, Ticks, and Horse flies

Yes, we have received great feedback from our customers on how Native Shield is helpful in repelling horse flies and house flies. Unfortunately, Native Shield does not work against Ticks and chiggers. For tick removal, see Fortify Medicinal Plant Serum.  To repel ticks, you can either use Fortify or Disinfect Now.

RUB it on! Use it properly!

In order to achieve excellent results, 

  1. SHAKE THE BOTTLE – this is necessary to blend the plants
  2. SPRAY it into your hands, and then RUB IT ONTO YOUR SKIN. (If you spray it directly on, WITHOUT RUBBING, it does not work).

Just like other products, it does have some limitations. 

  • If your skin gets wet, it will lose some of its effectiveness. Make sure you reapply.
  • The effects normally last for 2 hours (some people say it’s longer or shorter, based on body chemistry). Even individuals with O blood type get relief with Native Shield.
  • Eating a high-sugar diet may cause some issues with effectiveness.
  • The shelf life is 2 years, so if you bought it last summer, it should still work.
  • It is made of PURE PLANTS and they need to live in your home (under 80 degrees Fahrenheit). If you leave your bottle in the heat, it will spoil the plants and ruin it’s effectiveness. (In my home we have a bottle at the back door, one at the front door, and one in the beach bag).

It might not repel bugs if…

Everyone is different and our body chemistry reacts differently to plants. For some reason, about 5% of our customers ARE NOT able to get the protective results from Native Shield. Sometimes this is because you have too much lactic acid in your body. Perhaps the most important factor is your metabolic rate, or the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) your body releases as it burns energy. Mosquitoes use CO2 as their primary means of identifying bite targets.If Native Shield doesn’t work for you, please contact our team members to make sure you are using it properly. If so, we will be happy to offer an exchange for another product. Keep in mind though, even if Native Shield doesn’t repel the mosquitoes for you, it can still sooth the itch.

   ORDER NOW!   


  • Jackson, D.; Luukinen, B.; Buhl, K.; Stone, D. 2008. DEET General Fact Sheet; National Pesticide Information Center, Oregon State University Extension Services.
  • Corbel, V., Stankiewicz, M., Pennetier, C. et al. Evidence for inhibition of cholinesterases in insect and mammalian nervous systems by the insect repellent deet . BMC Biol 7, 47 (2009).

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Summer is Better with Alywillow

Healthy skin needs about 20 minutes of sun exposure daily… but it’s important to soak up the sun safely, especially during the hot summer months! Use these safe hours, between 6-10am and 5-9pm to enjoy your outside activities.  The dangerous UV light usually happens between 11-3pm, so plan indoor activities in those times. See more below on how to protect against ticks and mosquitoes!

Look how we can help you! 

GypsySun REPAIRS your skin
Restoring health on a cellular level
Calms and relaxes your skin and your body after exposure to the sun.
Relieves sunburn fast – just shake and spray – NO TOUCHING NEEDED
Use it every day after sun exposure to keep your skin soft and supple.
See more here.
Level 3 Moisturizers
Residue free!
Extra light & absorbs fast
Let your skin breathe
8-10 SPF (from the plants)
No fillers, no water, no synthetics
Healthier skin from head to toe!
Use in your bathwater for a most delightful experience!
There are 10 formulas to choose from. Use the Lemon Laughs at night to reduce skin discolorations or choose a different formula for day time use. 
See more here.
Alywillow Lip Balms
Made of pure plants and organic beeswax.
Nothing synthetic!
Super moisturizing to RESTORE your lips
8-10 SPF is naturally from the plants
See more here.
Native Shield
Repels mosquitoes, flies and more…
Apply properly BEFORE or AFTER the bite.
So safe you can use it on babies and even inhale it in!
Read more here.
Use Fortify or Disinfect Now to repel ticks and relieve painful bumps and bug bites.
Disinfect Now is premixed and easy to use. It’s great for reducing germs or spray it on your skin and clothing to repel ticks. 
Use Fortify as a spot treatment on bumps or painful bites (follow the directions) or dilute to make your own spray.

Deepest Sleep Ever – I Couldn’t Wake Up!

My love affair with plants started about 3 decades ago…

I was just beginning to use plants for my body care and I created this ultra cool formula in hopes of making my skin oh, so soft. It’s important to understand I was in my twenties and very active and energetic. I think it’s funny now because I already had young soft skin, nevertheless, I carefully covered my body in this new formula prior to a big event I was photographing… and off I went into the wide, wide world.

Shortly after arriving at my assignment, I started falling asleep and I mean I couldn’t control it! Despite that it was the middle of the day and I took my job very seriously… I couldn’t even bend down to pick up my camera bag. I couldn’t move at all and my eyes unwillingly closed. I was left in the middle of that room, fast asleep in a chair for hours and I couldn’t wake up! Thankfully my assistant handled the job and I brushed the event off as a rather odd, unexplained experience. But then, the following week I had another 8 hour assignment and I covered my body in this new ‘soft skin’ formula (later to be called Island Rain) and set off into the wide world only to fall asleep after shortly after arriving, in the middle of the day AGAIN!  Now, this got my attention.

Nothing in my life had changed except for this new skin formula. Did it really make me get this tired? I was not even able to open my eyes, much less stand up! How is it possible for plants to put me to sleep? Regardless, there was no way I was putting that stuff on me again! 

You see, I did not know the plants could pass through our skin. I didn’t realize they were made of chemicals that would or even could interact with our bodies. Now, it seems so logical to me, and yet, it’s so still difficult for most to comprehend. That is because we’ve been brainwashed through repetitive cultural messages that ‘plant medicine’ is a worthless and archaic thing of the past, only used by frauds and heathens.

One of the reasons I have so much patience with skeptics is because I started out as one. It took a while for my brain to come to terms with this new concept. So when you ask me if it really works, I understand where you are coming from! However, this was a turning point for me that changed my life and paved the way for the future of Alywillow.

It turns out we already know the power of plants. Most people learn to avoid poison ivy or they will get a rash. Many people are aware that you feel better when you eat healthy vegetables and of course everyone knows coffee is a stimulant. (Once, I added coffee essential oil to my bath water and that was a serious mistake. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest that you could see my body shaking from the pounding. I was having trouble breathing and started worrying about having a heart attack! Thank goodness I’m healthy, or that could have been a fatal mistake.)

If nature creates stimulants, why can’t it create sedatives? We know plants are made of chemicals, clearly those chemicals affect our body and even enter our bodies through our skin. 


Years after I “put myself to sleep”, a friend was on a special assignment in a foreign country and due to the intense stress levels, he was having trouble sleeping. He reached out for help and I sent him a bottle with about 300 drops of this ‘soft skin – put you to sleep’ formula. At 10 drops a night, this would help prevent a month of sleepless nights.  I was expecting him to get some much needed sleep and to feel better, but to my surprise when he called he was highly agitated and yelling, 

“What the f*^% did you do to me?!?! I slept for three days! We’re in the middle of a war zone! I’m not big, but I am a well-built man. They couldn’t move me and they couldn’t leave me. My entire unit was in danger!” 

He was clearly not happy and I felt like a turtle, pulling my head back into my shell when I asked, “How many drops did you use?” 

“Drops?” then, there was an uncomfortable silence, “I used the whole bottle!”

Well, if my eyes have ever bulged out of my head, they must have done so in that moment, because I never imagined anyone would use the entire bottle. Evidently, the directions were lost in the transit, but this is one of those experiences I will never forget and I remain grateful that his whole unit made it out alive.

One of the things I learned over time is that we need safety levels when using plants. This way, you get the benefits they offer without the potential damage of misusing them. Unfortunately, there are no guidelines in the US so years ago I adopted the European Safety Standards. Sometimes I think their standards are too lenient, so Alywillow’s Safety Standards are even higher than those.

After I broke my back, I lived on a little island of the coast of NC and despite the hardships of that time, the rain always brought me so much peace and serenity. I finally named the formula, Island Rain and before releasing it to the public, I revised it into a spray mist that’s easy to use but difficult to overuse. Now, instead of 10 drops, you use 10 sprays.

Some of my customers talk about how they only use 3 or 4 sprays and they still sleep like babies. Everyone is different. Personally, when I have a lot of mental activity and know sleep will be hard, I use about 8 sprays to sleep through the night.

Island Rain

We just updated the label for Island Rain so it looks better than ever! However, as great as Island Rain is, it has its limits. For instance, hyperactive people tend to calm down and relax better when they use stimulants, not sedative plants. Sometimes you may have severe health problems that prevent sleep and only a doctor can help you in those cases. Always ask your doctor if you have any questions. 

Also, there are many harmful habits that sabotage your sleep cycle, but at least these are preventable. Check them out… 

  1. Caffeine normally requires 12 or more hours to exit your body. Try Peppermint or Spearmint tea instead of coffee and sodas. We also offer an Energy Medicinal Inhaler and our Firefly Therapeutic cleansers and moisturizers are great energizers for morning or afternoon.
  2. Reduce your sweets as sugar creates numerous problems in the body and can disturb sleep cycles. Fruit is a much safer choice for dessert than any foods containing processed sugars.
  3. Alcohol might cause drowsiness, but this is low quality sleep and can wear off quickly.
  4. Afternoon napping and inconsistent sleep patterns confuse your body. Even sitting too much may leave you feeling restless at night. Keep moving in the day & be calm at night.
  5. SOME Medications can cause disturbances in your body leading to sleep problems. Speak to your doctor anytime you have questions.

These are some healthy habits that give you better chances at a good night of sleep. 

  1. Exercise in the morning This gets your blood pumping and releases endorphins which quickly improve your mood. Exercise in the morning, unwind at night!
  2. Reduce Stress Reach out and talk to friends, listen to calming music, diffuse essential oils, start a gratitude journal, eat whole fresh foods, & use Alywillow’s Stress Relief Inhaler. We also offer products in these formulas designed to help you feel better – Sweet Magic, Butterfly, and Dragonfly.
  3. Laughing tricks your nervous system into releasing endorphins that improve your mood, so you feel more at ease.
  4. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga classes and tai chi offer physical and mental exercises that can help reduce stress.
  5. Keep moving  Don’t be sedentary, your body has energy that you need to use up. Keep moving as much as possible all day.

Now, let’s talk about a good bedtime routine.

If I had a baby or toddler in my home, I would develop a routine to help their body learn to sleep at the right time (such as take a bath, read a book, turn off the lights, & sing a song). As adults we sometimes forget that our body sometimes needs to be guided to go to sleep. The following ideas are things you can do to develop a Calming Bedtime Routine:

  • Stop eating 2-3 hours before bed. Your body needs to rest instead of digesting food all night.
  • Use low lights and reduce electronic devices for 1-3hrs before bed as those lights can stimulate your brain and activate the rods in your eyes.
  • Your bedroom is a sanctuary to rest and recover, not to be bombarded with the world. Remove the TV and cell phones and make it an electrical-free zone.
  • Settle your children or pets for the night away from your sleeping area.
  • Use Island Rain 10-60 minutes before bedtime as our bodies respond differently.
  • Drink a sleepy herbal tea (mullein or lemon verbena) or a warm glass of milk before bed (and don’t add sweeteners).
  • Sensitive to electromagnetic fields? Turn off your WIFI
  • Consider the energy flow of your bedroom and don’t allow windows, doorways and mirrors to intersect across your bed as these energy pathways are known to disturb sleep.
  • Plan for tomorrow so you can sleep well tonight. If you’re a list maker, write it down.
  • Add a notebook and pen by your bed just in case you wake with an idea. Then you can write it down and go back to sleep.
  • Add essential oils with sedative properties to your diffuser such as marjoram, lavender, frankincense, vetiver. If you snore, try eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary, clary sage or basil.
  • Soak in a warm bath. Add a few sprays of your Alywillow moisturizers to your bathwater for extra soft skin.
  • Massage helps relax your body. Try our massage moisturizers (Level 4) in Lavender Fields, Seawillow, Sweet Magic, or Dragonfly). If you are in pain, use the Minty Relief formula instead.
  • Relax your muscles by tightening them, hold for a few seconds and then release. You can also use Sagerow, Lavender Fields and Minty Relief formulas to relax your muscles.
  • Be consistent. It’s best to go to bed at the same time every night. This means you get into bed, close your eyes, and give yourself a chance to sleep.
  • If you have a habit of waking in the middle of the night, develop a routine to help you go back to sleep.
  • Read a book or try praying & meditating. Many people say these practices easily put them to sleep. 😉
  • Clean Sheets covered in Island Rain are sure to relax you.

Not sure what you need or want? Tell us what you’re struggling with or what you are looking for and we’ll help guide you to the best Alywillow products! Schedule a free consultation or contact us.

Our goal is to help you!

Alywillow offers over 150 products that only contain plants, meaning EVERY ingredient including the colors, scents, and preservatives are plants. Many of these plants are medicinal, therapeutic, or considered superfoods, giving you bio-ready nutrient rich uploads with a myriad of benefits every time you wash, moisturize, or spritz. That gives you a healthier body and life.

Not sure what you need or want? Tell us what you’re struggling with or what you are looking for and we’ll help guide you to the best Alywillow products! Schedule a free consultation or contact us.

Alywillow Moisturizers are lotions, right?

Not even close!

We often receive requests from individuals looking for lotion options, yet, we don’t make lotions. We make true moisturizers. Do you know the difference?

Lotions… are laden with fillers such as alcohol and water. They usually just sit on the top layers of your skin and need to be constantly reapplied as they aren’t improving your skin, only sealing in the dryness. On a hot day, you may ‘sweat them off’ and they could run into your eyes. They are also typically filled with synthetic ingredients, fragrances and they can even contain carcinogenic chemicals that may be harmful to your body over time.

Alywillow moisturizers… don’t use any fillers and they are made only with the safest plants, nothing else! These plants are high in natural vitamins that provide your skin and body with bio-available nutrients that nourish and protect your skin while supporting your overall well-being. Alywillow moisturizers penetrate deep into the layers of your skin – absorbing quickly and restoring damage on a cellular level. Their humectant properties also continue to draw moisture into your skin, up to 12 hours after application (depending on which level you choose). This means your skin literally gets healthier. 

moisturizers vs lotions

Not sure what you need or want? Tell us what you’re struggling with or what you are looking for and we’ll help guide you to the best Alywillow products! Schedule a free consultation or contact us.

Find the perfect level for you! We offer 5 Levels of Moisturizers and 13 different Formulas (Elemental, Therapeutic, and Medicinal options) so you can find the best moisturizer for your skin and body! Even better, you can use our moisturizers on your face, body, and hair.  

  • Dry skin and dry hair? Choose Level 4 in any formula and watch as your hair and skin quality improve!
  • Combination facial skin? Choose Level 1, also known as the Anytime Moisturizer. When you use this according to the instructions, one bottle will last about a year.
  • Cracked skin and painful joints? Choose Level 5 in Minty Relief Formula.
  • Do you have Dry skin and want anti-aging benefits? Choose one of the Anti-Aging Formulas of Warrior, Lavender Fields, Sagerow, Firefly, or Dragonfly Formulas in a Level 4 or Level 5.
  • Do you have young skin and want a LIGHT full body moisturizer? Choose Level 3 in any formula you prefer.
  • Do you have itchy skin problems? If so, use Level 3 or Level 4 in the Warrior or Wildwood Formulas.
  • Are you suffering from herpes, MRSA, or chronic infections? Choose Level 3, 4, or 5 in the Warrior Formula.
  • Stressed OUT? Choose any level in Sweet Magic or Butterfly Formulas to boost the production of happy hormones.

Not sure what you need or want? Tell us what you’re struggling with or what you are looking for and we’ll help guide you to the best Alywillow products! Schedule a free consultation or contact us.


  • Level 1, 3, and 4 also offer a natural SPF of 8
  • Level 5 offers a natural SPF of 10.
  • Level 2 and every level in the Lemon Laughs formula are not recommended for sunshine as they contain plants that can cause your skin to sunburn, but they are excellent for night-time use and these plants are fabulous at balancing skin tones. 

We would love to help you! 

Not sure what you need or want? Tell us what you’re struggling with or what you are looking for and we’ll help guide you to the best Alywillow products! Schedule a free consultation or contact us.

7 Tips to turn Rosacea into Healthy Skin

People with rosacea tell us that they had given up on finding anything gentle enough for their skin before finding Alywillow. If you are dealing with rosacea, know that it is possible to get relief and we are here to help you!

Alywillow products are designed with sensitive skin in mind, yet rosacea is a situation that requires even more awareness. According to the Mayo Clinic, rosacea is a skin condition where blood vessels in the face enlarge, giving your skin a flushed appearance leading to bumps, the appearance of broken blood vessels, or extreme sensitivity. 

Over the years, we have found that your body has unique wisdom that can help guide you to keep you safe in the natural world. This incredible guidance system is your sense of smell. If you smell a plant (or plants) and are repelled, you are often allergic or sensitive to that plant. Alternatively, if you smell a plant (or plants) and find them appealing, you’re body probably desires or even needs them.

Fortunately, all Alywillow products are designed from pure plants (no synthetics), so engage your sense of smell to find the best formula for you!   

This is easy with our THERAPEUTIC SAMPLE SET. Order yours today and in just a few days you will have many samples and scents to try. Follow these steps to ensure a positive Alywillow experience:

    1. DON’T EVER SCRUB YOUR SKIN. You should be tapping it, not rubbing it. Be soft and gentle, not hard or rough.
    2. DON’T USE WASHCLOTHS, only your fingers and hands. It is really easy to shock this skin type if you try too many things all at once so always remember to introduce one product at a time.
  2. WASHING:  Our cleansers are power packed with nutrition, so they actually feed vitamins and nutrients into your skin each time you wash
    1. Smell all the cleansers in your sample set and use the CLEANSER that smells THE ABSOLUTE BEST TO YOU! 
    2. Only try the cleanser samples that smell right to you. If it doesn’t feel good to you – don’t use it again. 
    3. Eventually, we’d love for you to wash your whole body with your favorite formula, but for now just try it on a small part of the face.
  3. TONING: Skip this step until your skin improves, then try the Harmony Spray Toner. It can help to even skin tones and reduce redness. 
    1. Our most gentle moisturizer for damaged, sensitive skin is the FEATHERAY Facial and Eye Cream, though sometimes it is too heavy of a moisturizer for some skin types.
    2. You will find Levels 3, 4, and 5 Moisturizers in your set. Try them on your arm to see which consistency you’d prefer for your face. Oily or combination skin will usually prefer Level 3. Dry skin will normally prefer Level 4 or Level 5.  Once you know which level you prefer for your face, order that level in the same formula as your favorite cleanser. These moisturizers are designed for full body use, so use them everywhere!
  5. FEEL BETTER: Our products should help soothe your skin, making it feel better. If you experience any negative reactions, you may be sensitive to one of the plants in that formula. Discontinue use and contact us so we can help find a solution.
  6. FREE SKIN CONSULTATIONS… schedule an appointment.

No More Fleas!

Let’s keep this simple. For over 20 years I’ve been using brewer’s dried yeast to prevent fleas on my dogs and cats – AND IT WORKS GREAT (except for those years that I didn’t start it early enough). If you want a FLEA-FREE SUMMER for your pets, you should get brewer’s dried yeast ASAP from a pet store near you. We don’t sell brewer’s yeast at Alywillow, although we do have amazing products to fight mosquitoes (Native Shield) and ticks (Fortify) – just contact us if you want more information about those.

Start in Early Spring

Early Spring is the right time to start the battle! For this to be effective, you must start your pet on brewer’s yeast BEFORE the fleas are a problem. If you wait until your pet gets fleas, you have waited too long! This happened to me a few years ago, and no matter how much brewer’s yeast I gave my pets, it didn’t work. I eventually covered the dogs and the house in diatomaceous earth for a few days (and repeated every 3 weeks) to stop the breeding cycle. The vet also offered some pretty expensive options (that sometimes work).

Which brand is best?

I’ve used many different brands of brewer’s yeast over the years with the same positive results. The brand I’m currently using suggests two tablets for every 10 lbs of weight, however we only do ½ tablet daily for each 10 lbs, because my dogs have sensitive stomachs. Every brand is a little different, so make sure to read the label and adjust the amount if needed for your dogs and cats.

It’s so easy!

By the way, my dogs love the way it tastes! I give it to them as a treat every morning before breakfast. My cat, Calcifer, is a bit more finicky, so I add a ½ tablet to the top of her food and wham – she eats it every time!

Still have questions?

We aren’t experts concerning dogs (we are focused on human care), so always ask your vet if you’re not sure. Share this with your friends because flea prevention can be really easy!

Also, here is some more information from

What is Brewer’s Yeast? Brewer’s yeast is made from a type of yeast/fungus called saccharomyces cerevisiae, and because it is rich in a variety of nutrients, chromium, selenium, protein, and several B-complex vitamins, brewer’s yeast has several health benefits for dogs. One of the most notable benefits is related to the chromium content found in brewer’s yeast. Chromium is a trace element that helps to maintain blood sugar levels in the body. Brewer’s yeast is also rich in antioxidants which can make your dog’s skin healthier and his coat shinier. If your dog tends to suffer from itchy, dry skin, brewer’s yeast may be helpful. This supplement can also help to reduce stress and to calm nerves due to its high concentration of B-complex vitamins.

Tips for Using Brewer’s Yeast:

The rule of thumb to follow when giving your dog brewer’s yeast is to give no more than one tablet or one teaspoon per day. The exact dosage recommended will vary depending on your dog’s weight, so follow the instructions on the package. It is also important to note that some dogs may be allergic to yeast. If your dog is allergic he will likely develop dry, itchy skin and possibly a rash. If this happens stop supplementation, and wait for the rash to clear up. If the rash clears, do not give your dog any more brewer’s yeast. If the rash continues, however, it is likely due to some other cause, and you should take your dog to the vet.

A Few Things to Consider Before Giving Your Dog Brewer’s Yeast:

As with any other supplement that you are thinking about adding to your dog’s diet, it’s a great idea to consult with your veterinarian prior to adding brewer’s yeast to the mix. You’ll want to know that brewer’s yeast is safe for your unique pooch and his needs, especially if he has been diagnosed with a health condition or he’s taking medications or other supplements. For example, certain anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications might not interact well with brewer’s yeast. Also, if your pooch has been diagnosed with yeast allergies or if he’s prone to developing yeast infections, the brewer’s yeast should be avoided. Experts recommend that you avoid giving brewer’s yeast to a dog that is immunocompromised.

As mentioned above, the amount of brewer’s yeast that you should add to your dog’s diet will depend upon his or her weight. However, in big dogs the higher amount of brewer’s yeast that would be necessary in order to be beneficial may also cause unwanted side effects. For example, the brewer’s yeast dose for a large dog might result in symptoms like intestinal upset or an upset stomach. Therefore, canines that have been diagnosed with any type of bowel disease, as well as dogs that have colitis, shouldn’t be given brewer’s yeast.

Large dogs aren’t the only ones that might suffer from side effects after taking brewer’s yeast. All dogs might experience gas as a side effect as well, so this is worth considering before you give your pooch this supplement, especially if your pet, regardless of his size, is prone to digestive problems.

Also, when shopping for a brewer’s yeast product, look for the highest quality options that are sold by reputable brands. Your veterinarian might be able to point you in the right direction in this regard. Read the label carefully, checking for any other ingredients that have been added to the yeast. You’ll want to avoid any brewer’s yeast product that contains other ingredients that won’t agree with your dog.

Finally, it’s also important to know this yeast can be high in calories. There are roughly 80 kilocalories in just an ounce, but if the brewer’s yeast has been mixed with an omega-3 oil or other ingredients, there would be even more calories than that. Therefore, if your dog is having trouble maintaining a healthy weight or if you are hoping to help your dog lose some weight, you need to take this into consideration. When determining your dog’s daily caloric needs, add in the calories that he is getting from the brewer’s yeast supplement to ensure he’s not eating an excessive number of calories.

If, on the other hand, you have a healthy adult pooch and you and your vet have concluded that brewer’s yeast can serve as a helpful supplement to his high-quality diet, you can give him a small dose to allow the benefits of the brewer’s yeast to take hold.

In Conclusion… Brewer’s yeast can provide several nutritional benefits for your dog. Not only can it improve his skin and coat health, but it may help to calm nerves and maintain stable blood sugar levels and reduce infestations. To get your pet started on brewer’s yeast head to the pet store, and look for brewer’s yeast tablets of the right dosage for your dog’s size.